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S E R I E S    T W O

For this second series instead of using raw canvas I started exploring with dying different types of fabric with natural elements I found on my surroundings. I've always had this thought about the importance of the places we inhabit physically and how the different seasons can affect us animicaly. Being from Caracas, Venezuela the 4 seasons is not something we experience through the year. 

I started with my own studies in front of the camera. No inhibitions, no one's gaze. I struggled with the pieces as the more I added to it the heavier it all became. It was a really interesting study, finding the metaphors of using masks, and covers to live in society and how our own personal experiences are always with us sometimes weighting us down. 


DATE: from March - Oct 2022


I collaborated with my husband / musician @costijoseph15 who added the sound to this audiovisual clip. It truly represent the mood and aura of this project!

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