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Aren’t we all stories? Aren’t all stories memories? Aren’t all memories fleeting?


Science is discovering that we can’t form memories unless we’re aware of the spaces in which the experience happened. 


Aren't we all spaces? Aren't we a very special space for someone? What is a space, then?

My name is Adriana Jaroslavsky I am a Latin American interdisciplinary artist from Caracas, Venezuela based in London, UK.

I work at the intersection of art and experience. The essence of a memory is everything about it that we can’t put into words. I use my practice to retell stories - through a mural, a performance, an interior space - giving second life to a memory that has shaped me, us.

Energy transfers in the briefest moments: a smile, a short visit to a space, a conversation with a stranger. The imprint of that energy supersedes romance and poetry. It instead creates parallel lives, giving birth to breathable, translatable experiences that are both personal and universal. Art can be a map back to a powerful memory. My purpose is to evoke emotions through rituals and processes - a cycle towards future shared and enriched experiences.

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