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My name is Adriana Jaroslavsky I am a Latin American interdisciplinary artist from Caracas, Venezuela based in London, UK.

My work centres on migrant identity, sustainability and feminism. I am eager to delve deeper into the tension that exists around memories and the conscious mind.


The essence of a memory is everything about it that we can’t put into words. I use my practice to retell stories - through a mural, a performance, an interior space - giving second life to a memory that has shaped me, us.

Energy transfers in the briefest moments: a smile, a short visit to a space, a conversation with a stranger. The imprint of that energy supersedes romance and poetry. It instead creates parallel lives, giving birth to breathable, translatable experiences that are both personal and universal. Art can be a map back to a powerful memory. My purpose is to evoke emotions through rituals and processes - a cycle towards future shared and enriched experiences.

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